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Olive The Cat Lady

I am producing a line of children’s books called Olive the Cat Lady.  Olive is retired secret agent but she is not so retired being an agent of the ROFL (The Retired Old Farts League). She has 11 cats to be exact a long with a few other pets.  

These 10 stories will start with the kitten stories and how they all made their way to Olive.  Every kitten has a different adventure of how they ended up in the loving arms of Olive.  After the kitten stories all cats have a story with Olive and her adventures in the ROFL.

Learn more about each below!


Upcoming Stories

The Story of Kung & Fu

Two siamese kittens adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Suey spend the first few month of their lives trying to catch a pesky mouse in the owners restaurant.  They are on a quest to learn karate and finally meet Master Meowgi to begin their adventure.

The Story of Miss Purrfect

Miss Purrfect is the tail of a lovable kitten born at a ketchup factory. Raised to catch mice but too kind to eat any, she finds a clever solution to safely remove them. One day while trying to save a mouse something goes terribly wrong, and she ends up on Mouse Island with a desire to return home.

The Story of Meowsical Escape From The Dark Woods

Meowsical is one of two mystical cats. Raised by an evil witch and her nitwit sister, she quickly learned the ways of their magic. Refusing to use her new abilities for anything but good, she tries desperately to escape The Dark Woods.

Bossy Betty

Being the pet of famous talk show host Sassy Grace leaves Betty a little out of touch with reality.  Betty soon learns no one likes a know it all.

Low Rider

This short legged cat is a mascot for a famous basket ball team.  Always being the smallest means nothing to this talented cat.


If you could picture a large body builder, with an insane amount of hair, but also a gentle heart you would have the Fuzzinator.

Sour Puss

Being born at Nasa has some benefits but always being the smartest one comes with some downfalls.  Sour Puss can build or solve any problem but he will never be the life of the party. He is the poster child for social awkwardness.


Raised by mighty warlocks, Jade is the most powerful of all the cats.  She, like Meowsical will only use her magic for good.  Under the warlocks directions Jade was not always this way.  Her past haunts her and she plans on spending the rest of her years making up for it.


This hairless sphinx has more energy than he knows what to do with. With the attention span of a squirrel and the energy of a hummingbird Spaz is a handful. His adventures start in Egypt where he seeks knowledge on his heritage.

Butter Ball

An over-sized lazy cat that loves spaghetti and tv.  Butter Ball must the learn the easy route is not always the best route to take.